Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Skies-Caffeine (Original Mix) HD

When I heard this caffeinated track from 7 Skies, I was pumped! As you know, I previous enjoyed some decent Sushi from 7 Skies and now I just rediscover few Caffeine from 7 Skies which IMO better than those raw meat that got me real high and its definitely good stuff! You know what, at such progress, I think 7 Skies need to push out grand slam buffet on their next release in order to satisfy our uplifting trance fans' appetite! LOL
7 Skies-Caffeine (Original Mix) HD
Original mix of Caffeine has decent beatworks to start the vibe! Midtro is da killer, where melody invade my soul for that slow motion feeling and epic breakdown to that soothing synth lift, cream of cup feeling with beats to finish the lift excitement sure like I just had a cup of you know what CAFFEINE! The nature of addictive to anything uplifting and melodic trance has been written all over by this track, another well done mix by 7 Skies!

7 Skies - Caffeine (Original Mix)

ASOT 443 - Track 09 - 7 Skies - Caffeine (Original Mix)

7 Skies - Caffeine ( Original Mix )

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