Friday, June 10, 2011

Annie Lennox-The Saddest Song (Lyrics, Kuffdam & Plant Remix)

Woohoo, it feels nice cause it's finally Friday and what better way to rewind it down while looking forward for the weekend! Well, I am quite surprised that I didn't feature this vocal trance classic earlier on here as I used to really enjoy singing along with it! The original track is sad and slow, but I include in the very bottom to show what the wonderful job Kuffdam & Plant remix has transformed it to be.

Kuffdam & Plant remix meant business and I am really digging it! This remix is the only reason why I love it with its fantastic beatworks and lifts that sure got me dancing on my feet. Annie Lennox's vocal is quite deep and definitely suitable for such sadness lyric! Overall, Kuffdam & Plant done an excellent job saving this sorry song and making it into a memorable one! Love it
Annie Lennox-The Saddest Song (Lyrics, Kuffdam & Plant Remix)

Annie Lennox The Saddest Song (Kuffdam & Plant Remix)

Annie Lennox - The Saddest Song (Kuffdam & Plant Remix)

I don't recommend the original and only include it as mere comparison to the remixes!
"The Saddest Song I've Got" Annie Lennox COVER VERSION

Darling are you feeling
The same thing that I'm seeing..?
The troubles of the day
Took my breath away
Took my breath away...
Now you're no longer talking
And I'm no longer hearing
There's nothing left to say
Said it anyway
Said it anyway...

And I want you not
I need you not
I'm dying
Cos this is the saddest song I've got
The saddest song I've got...

Darling are you healing
From all the scars appearing..?
Don't it hurt a lot
Don't know how it stops
Don't know how it stops...
Now there's no sense in seeing
The colours of the morning...
Can't hold the clouds at bay
Chase them all away
Chase them all away...

And I'm frozen still
Unspoken still
Remembering something I forgot
Something I forgot ...

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