Monday, September 26, 2011

"Drive" Official Movie Trailer, Soundtrack Preview & Recommendation

Checked out the movie, "Drive" in theater over weekend or more like a cinematography after watching it! I saw its theatrical trailer and thought that it looks like going to be some sort of fast action driving kind of flick like "Fast and Furious" was I totally blind sided as it turns out completely opposite of my expectation!

Yes, it does have few decent fast action trilling driving sequences, but overall the movie seems quite subtle and in an unspeakable silent still way under the artist directing capture. Anyway, the point is not that I am going to do another movie review here and sure I kind of like it in an unexpected way especially with such fantastic score of soundtrack leading by Cliff Martinez to add!

I have to say that the successfullness of this film has alot to thank for its scores from the beginning to the end! I really like few particular ones that makes you feel like that you just want to rewind down these tracks again while you drive in the car! Couple sounds like 80s remake and couple sounds like mixture of techno to progressive house tracks that gives out melody and lift of its own that really made the experience of watching this film a truly wonder!

BTW, Ryan Gosling acted great again coming from an outgoing character in his previous flick "Stupid, Crazy, Love"! This is kind of film that is hard to appreciate as nowadays Hollywood mainstream films are all about who can come up with the fastest, most explosive, eye openers special effects as oppose to such slow motion sequence and attention to details on every shot kind of direction...

DRIVE - Official Soundtrack Preview - Songs from the Film

DRIVE - Official Soundtrack Preview - Score by CLIFF MARTINEZ
Drive - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
1. "Night Call" - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx - 0:00-0:32
2. "Under Your Spell" - Desire - 0:32-1:05
3. "A Real Hero" - College feat. Electric Youth - 1:05-1:30
4. "Tick Of The Clock" - The Chromatics - 1:30-1:50
5. "Bride Of Deluxe" - 1:50-2:30
6. "After The Chase" - 2:30-3:00
7. "Kick Your Teeth" - 3:00-3:20
8. "They Broke His Pelvis" - 3:20-3:50
9. "Skull Crushing" - 3:50-4:20
10. "Drive" - 4:20-4:45
11. "Rubber Head" - 4:45-5:05
12. "Hammer" - 5:05-5:25
13. "Oh My Love" - Riz Ortolani feat. Katyna Ranieri - 5:25-5:45

and its trailer
DRIVE - Official Trailer (Green Band)

My #1 choice of "Drive" soundtrack!
College feat. Electric Youth - A Real Hero 'Drive original soundtrack'

My #2 choice
Kavinsky - Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack)

My #3 choice
Chromatics - Tick of the Clock

My #4 choice
Desire:Under Your Spell

Bride of Deluxe

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