Thursday, September 1, 2011

Julius Sencor Ft. Stine Grove-Wait For You (original & Noctiva's Divine Mix)

Going into long Labor Day weekend, I got just another epic new vocal trance track from Julius Sencor which I am unfamiliar with for now who covers by vocalist Stine Grove for "Wait For You"!

I think the original mix is by far the best mix of this track as it is straight forward to the vibe and vocal is clear and lift to melody ratio are absolute spot on! What a mix to lift up that spirit from the tireless labor days...definitely another one of my new favorite uplifting vocal trance of 2011!

Noctiva's Divine Remix is not bad with faster beats and higher range of synth changes, I don't like its bridges toward the middle, but overall its a decent alternative to the original mix!

Shout out to Casey Stoner of Repsol Honda for another US Grand Prix win at Indianapolis!
Julius Sencor Ft. Stine Grove-Wait For You (original & Noctiva's Divine Mix)

Julius Sencor feat. Stine Grove - Wait For You (Original Mix)

Julius Sencor feat. ★Stine Grove - Wait For You (Noctiva's Divine Remix)

Just like a light in the darkness
helps me find my way
You are the raft that carry me
Through our own eternity
Through our own eternity

Cause you bend the storms
When havocs raging at me
Cause you are a rock
When the sorrow rise
Cause you call my name
When I can’t find my way home
You’re the lonely star that shines
on the evening skies

I will wait for you
whenever you may need me
I will wait for you
when bells of shadow chime
I will wait for you
when dark eclipse the daylight
I will follow you
Till the end of time

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