Friday, March 16, 2012

Enyo Giove-Magnesium (Right Face, Juventa & Original Remix) HQ

It has been hot hot hot in Chicago so far this winter and so has been with UNC Tar Heels, so inspiration for another superb trance remix are in the session! Enyo Giove brings up the heat with "Magnesium" that sure put some flames with the original mix and with some help of gasoline remixes like Juventa and Right Face remixes, this little trance gem sure blown up to be another one of my favorite uplifting trance of 2012!

My personal favorite goes to Right Face Remix, from the start to the end, it produces nothing but excitement and greatness of lift to some of its high class progressive trance productions! The epicness of intro lift to the melody feeling throughout, making this my gogo for the March Madness anthem!

Then once again Juventa sure know how to mixing up some awesome trance remixes and this one definitely is no exception! From the hip start to the marching mid-tro and closing out on the high note! Lets just say that Juventa knows what's up! ;)

Original mix is decent enough for me to include for different vibe, I jump it to avoid the boring drag in the beginning tho!

Enyo Giove - Magnesium (Right Face Remix)

Enyo - Magnesium (Juventa Remix)

Enyo Giove - Magnesium (Original Mix)

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