Wednesday, May 29, 2013

LTN-Stop The Time (Original Mix)

Oh man, it has been super busy last couple of weeks for me, finally having a breather day so I can get back into discovering mode for our trance fans! Just so happen, Enhanced Record released a preview of LTN today from the album "Show Me Heaven" with the track calls "Stop The Time" know that you are in love with trance again from that moment when everything is in slow motion and the high that never enough great, this sweet progressive, uplifting and hippy trance mix from LTN that gets back to the great fundamental of progressive is the reason why I couldn't wait any second to bring it to our attention! Nice trancend lifts and inspiring feeling that make any day better, I couldn't have more pleasure to recommend it and put this on rewind all day long!!! Top notch, superb synth, what else can I rave about LTN, it is da bomb! I'll be back here again updating more mixes of this track later on for now, enjoy the teaser that just make my relaxing day even better and don't forget to get it when it is available on 6/17/2013! ;)
LTN-Stop The Time (Original Mix)
(I took this photo at cubs game in Wrigleyville)

LTN - Stop The Time (Original Mix) [Available 17.06.13]

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