Monday, June 10, 2013

Hiroyuki ODA - Thirty (Original & Kiwamu Remix)

Hiroyuki ODA - Thirty (Original & Kiwamu Remix)While listening to internet radio during my work this past Sunday morning, this uplifting trance serenaded my ears and lifted my mood and spirit as I was going about my normal boring daily routines. It was so awakening and pure that I wanted to make sure to showcase this international producer Hiroyuki ODA of Japan with track name, "Thirty" to my uplifting trance fans! Melody, settle vibe in the start, then rising and uplifting afterward throughout. It is kind of progressive lifting trance that I would like to rewind down the weekend as well as opening up the case of Mondays! Not much I can express about how beautiful Hiroyuki ODA's creation here, let the choon do the talking....
I also include Kiwamu remix which in my opinion best alternative to the original of all remixes available with a superb hip intro and fantastic melody synth!

I drop you right to the start of awesomeness...
Hiroyuki Oda - Thirty (Kiwamu Remix)

Hiroyuki ODA - Thirty (Original Mix)

Hiroyuki ODA - Thirty

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