Monday, June 17, 2013

Max Graham - Sona (Original & LautStärk Edit Remix)

Max Graham - Sona (Original & LautStärk Edit Remix)Once again folks, I rediscovered one of my favorite trance producer Max Graham's newer track, "Sona" this past Father's Day at my work in the morning just going through another boring motions, wham, it serenades me with shower of joy as I got lifted by its progression and beats to the eruption of smokiness. This tracks sets the tone for my busiest work day since Mother's Day and surly well worthy of me recommending for a long working week! Decent work and lift from Max Graham.

I am dropping you right to the start of awesomeness intro!
Max Graham - Sona (Original Mix)

Max Graham - Sona ( LautStärk Edit ) / 2012

Social Deconstruction Preview : Max Graham - Sona (Original Mix)

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