Monday, November 25, 2013

Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone-Nautica (Original Mix)

Just when I am out, the trance pulls me back in....nah, not really, I was never out, just have been too busy with my career fans. Sorry for such long waiting of next recommendation! But be sure that it will be yet another great one as I will never ever sell trance short...only the best and greatest! ;)

This next trance track isn't totally new but still fresh. Of course, coming from one of my top favorite trance producers and mixers of all time, Nitrous Oxide and Dan Stone command respect and attention for yet another superb uplifting and melodic progressive trance that set the standard of trance classics.

For some reason, "Nautica" got me flashed back to the very early days of my college life when it (Trance) got all started for me...after watching the movie "Hackers" which I loved and its official theme song from Orbital calls "Halcyon On and On" just haunting me for days as I was coding away my class project which got me awarded as best software program in my class which it got me landed on high paying IT job later on, thanks so much "Hackers", haha!

The reason it got my feeling back is probably the melody of trance progression to vivid uplifting synth and know like a journey of something, be education, career, life...the attention to the details of JOURNEY make them both quite similar and the vibe of feelings that connect the dots of accomplishments as well as failures are what make these tracks my go go tunes for inspiration of focus on what is more important to me than just being successful...the journey!

With "Nautica" totally refreshing and resembles my current state of journey in my life and the tune inspires me and guiding me to the right path and directions...I have to say that it is totally spot on! Now I don't want to get too deep into my philosophical view on "what is success?", but I know that "Nautica" is guiding me to my goals and following my heart is leading me to the right direction in my life. Thank you Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone for bringing back that inspiration and superior feeling of being journeymen! <3<3<3
Nautica - Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone

Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone - Nautica

Orbital - Halcyon on and On

Nitrous Oxide & Dan Stone - Nautica (Original Mix)

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