Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gregory Esayan - Impressionism (Original Mix)

Just when I almost out from all the life craziness and distractions, trance pulls me back in...nah once again, I was never out followers! I don't think that I will be ever out until the day I am in heaven and even when I am in heaven, I still rocking the trance! They say that music genere come and go, quite true just look at all the fade like hip hop, alternatives, rap, rock and even some pop, just the other day, I was referring to a music video by Jennifer Lopez which featuring Iggy Azalea for their latest crap calls "Booty", sorry JLO, I really have lost respect to what you have accomplished with your latest nonsense booty shaking garbage, disgraced to the music industry and even more so to all the young fans and music artists looking up to you! I will sadly include the music video on the very far below of my videos here and only to show you how bad it is nowaday with the music industry that they condemn such horrendous small booty crap thrown together! LOL
But you can be sure that trance will be the last one to stay eternal that is why trance 4 life! So be sure that on my blog, only the BEST trance tracks will be recommend by me here!

Ok, it has been such long awaiting for...waiting for that next generation of uplifting trance producers to come along. Today, I am very exciting to introduce this super talented trance producer from Russia, Gregory Esayan who really catched my attention with nearly everyone of his tracks on his latest album "Impressionism" which the goto track "Impressionism"'s built-up to the epic melody and uplifting cloud9 feeling has once again brought back many of great vibe and memory of mine as well as staying true to classic progressive uplifting trance of last generation!

I love the track "Impressionism" so much is probably due to its fantastic build-up and breakdown to that euphoria of heaven in your ear and soul kind of progression lift. It is a revitalization of uplifting trance at its finest and I am just so glad that the trance is continuing to make it leap and bound with such dedicated young producer! Please check out Gregory Esayan's new album "Impressionism"!
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Gregory Esayan - Impressionism (Original Mix)

Gregory Esayan - Impressionism ["Impressionism" Artist Album]

Gregory Esayan - Impressionism ["Impressionism" Artist Album] The most uplifting part of this track

Gregory Esayan - Impressionism (Original Mix) FULL TRACK

Very fine example of what is so wrong with nowadays music industry, the way of using visual to compensate their no talent music...such a laughing matter, BTW, you both has SMALL booty!
Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy Azalea

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