Friday, October 17, 2014

Roald Velden - Last Sunset(Original Mix)

Alrighty fans, TGIF and as I was rewinding down my week with couple of progressive trance melody sets, this sooething melody of "Last Sunset" by Roald Velden screamed in my head, refreshed my soul and massaging my ears...This is it, one of the best Roald Velden's work as if you have read his bio which I thought that we all came from quite similar taste progression in music.

"I used to listen to more Rock stuff until my father gave me a CD full of Dance hits. I listened to this CD over and over again. My love for dance music began to grow so I bought a lot of CD's in this genre. When I got older, a friend of mine gave me a CD with Trance music. When I heard my first Trance record I was in love. This music had so many emotional elements and yet so much energy. I loved the energy and power, so my journey brought me in other EDM genres like Hardtrance and after that Hardhouse/Hardstyle and Hardcore (Gabber). But after a year of love for the Harderstyles my love for Trance came back stronger than ever."

With his passion and incredible talent for the progressive trance, wham, this amazingly beautiful uplifting trance track has been produce, the progression of the start, the synth lifts and melodies all came together, another fine example of great progressive trance classic. Well done Roald Boesveld, you have captured that emotional feeling when I saw that breathtaking sunset in the horizon of St. Joseph beach!
Roald Velden - Last Sunset(Original Mix)

Roald Velden - Last Sunset (Orignal Mix)

Roald Velden - Last Sunset (Original Mix) [HD]

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