Sunday, November 30, 2014

Talamanca -Talamanca Beach (James Woods Remix & Original Mix)

Hope you all had a gobbled gobbled holiday and of course all the food comas that came along. So today, I will bring us to another side of globe where the opposite of what we are dealing with right now and back to equilibrium, you know the cold, the food stuffings that resulted in slight weight gain which I guarantee you that you will feel warmer and lighter after listening to the track that I am about to recommend!

I didn't have to search too hard cause this is the place where most of popular trance, house and EDM DJs would gather to unleash their hottest hits, I am talking about Ibiza, Spain, one of the most beautiful and melodic beach city in the world! And one of the best uplifting & progressive trance producer Talamanca who isn't just local to the scene but also a great ambassador for the trance world produced this chilling and uplifting mesmerizing progressive melodies to complement "Talamanca Beach"!

Now, the original by itself is great, but what is awesome is the melodies setup for another great DJ, James Woods to master the art of remix that bring out not just the kicks for the original mix and on top of that it leverages the rhyme to blossom with the beats and synth that just cream the original. The James Woods remix is by far one of the best remix on original that I have pleasured to dwell upon in the world of progressive and melodic EDM. The whole track is gold from start to finish, nothing for short of details of attention. That progressive start to the excitement with the beats and then synth sweeps, with the original melody airing in the background, the lifts and bridges between are so well fitted, man this one epic production that can definitely put James Woods who is a rising star on the map of great trance pedestals! This is my new track to wind down to and opening up an exciting week kind of chill out beat. You know the track that relief you from all the winter chill when it came on, it just melts everything and bring you the warmth and heat of Ibiza while keeping me on my toes and dancing the nights away kind of feeling. Great work James Woods, now you are officially on my radar for future recommendations!
Talamanca -Talamanca Beach (James Woods Remix & Original Mix)

I drop you slightly to the start of best segment
Talamanca - Talamanca Beach (James Woods Remix)

I jump you to the part which I think are the start of best segment of original mix!
Talamanca - Talamanca Beach (Original Mix) [HD]

Talamanca - Talamanca Beach (Original Mix)[PHW032]

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