Monday, December 8, 2014

Pryda - Melo (Original Mix & Digital Cassette Remix)

To me, a great track is like a fine art, they explain without vocal like that of picture says thousand words. Progressive trance really nails it right on the head as it isn't just simple loopy bass sets, but it has so many other components working together to express story, buildup the emotional feeling, makes you wonder kinda experience, melody echoing, synth lifting and sophistication of tempo all run nsync in each timeframe that key in by the artist to give us this great feeling of uplift, meaningful sense of experience and the groove to the melody that leverages for spontaneous dancing or just feeling awesome type of atmosphere.

So I came to search one of a good example on classic progressive trance/house track that shows most of qualities that I mentioned above. Look no further than Pryda "Melo" who also go by the artist name "Eric Pryz", produced IMHO one of the best uplifting progressive trance of last couple of years! I don't need to explain as the original track is simple, clean and straight to the point that lifts, it is a timeless track even so many years later, still getting the same effect as yesterday! Have you ever watch a really wonderful feel-good type of movie that inspired you to do great and show that positivity around? Well, this track pretty much sums up that feeling after you just walk out of theatre, that moment of uplifting and melody that got you all fired up! The track name "Melo", is definite rightfully so! Couple of decent remixes on the original and I also include two DJs demonstrate what it would take to create the segment of this track on FL Studio and Logic Studio, pretty cool stuffs!
Pryda - Melo (Original Mix & Digital Cassette Remix)

Pryda - Melo (Original Mix)

Shorter version toward uplifting part of original mix which I think are the best part
Pryda- Melo [HD]

what a refreshing to the original, love that music hall feel, nice remix! drop you to the segment that I think is the best
Pryda - Melo (Digital Cassette Remix)

Really good remix and demonstration!
Pryda - Melo on FL Studio 10

Pryda - Melo on Logic Studio

Pryda - Melo (Eric's Special Edit Rip)

Pryda - Melo (remake) (HQ)

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