Friday, March 27, 2015

Mike Shiver & Elevation Ft. Carrie Skipper-Hurricane (Mike Shiver & Elevation Mix) with Lyrics

Mike Shiver is simply a great uplifting trance producer who always brought shivers to me every time I listen to this if not one of his best vocal trance mixes! Uptempo melody mix session with Carrie Skipper's powerful vocal to add and Elevation's uplifting beatworks. Everything came together as one epic Hurricane production in particularly Mike Shiver Mix as it defines what very uplifting vocal trance is all about. One of my top favorite vocal trance of all time for sure, man I miss these kind of sounds nowadays!

Elevation Mix is another awesome mix, as it bringing that Elevation's beatworks and mesmerizing melody he is known for definitely give the original a great twist and vibe that still able to retain best of Carrie Skipper's vocal and make the original more fun to listen to, nice remix and definitely up there among the greats!
Mike Shiver & Elevation Ft. Carrie Skipper-Hurricane (Mike Shiver & Elevation Mix) with Lyrics

Mike Shiver & Elevation (Feat. Carrie Skipper) - Hurricane (Mike Shiver Mix)

I jump you to the most uplifting part of Mike Shiver Mix where it makes me feel like cloud9 and singing out loud!

Hurricane (Elevation mix) - Mike Shiver and Elevation feat. Carrie _ Skipper

I throw in this EDM vibe mix from Dennis Sheperd to kind of give you the power of original, not bad mix tho, just not in the same level of vocal as the trance
Mike Shiver & Elevation Feat. Carrie Skipper - Hurricane (Dennis Sheperd Remix)

Lyrics for Mike Shiver Mix:
You hear me?
I'm moving faster
than your eyes can see
You're helpless, you're blinded
You're holding on so tightly

How I can read the sign
That you're giving to me
I can tell that by the look in your eye
Falling, drowning

Got to save you, got to know you
Got to put my arms around you
Let me give you strength and I'll pull you through
Let me show you love

And I won't believe
That you cannot see
The love that you need and me
Thunder and rain
Will call out your name

The love you don't see
Will come to you like a hurricane
Like a hurricane
The love you don't see

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