Sunday, January 30, 2011

Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Best Soundtrack-Arcadia, Binoculars, LA & Tokyo

They say that soundtrack can make or break a decent movie and in this case, some of Resident Evil 4 Afterlife 3D's score have impact my movie experience and added that extra feeling toward the movie! When I finished the movie which is decent BTW, I was very pleased at some of the choices they made for soundtrack that has progressive trance vibe feeling to it!  I am going to just recommend the best tracks IMO in the movie that I thought that really compliment scenes and the moment!

Out of top 5 from 19, Arcadia & Binoculars got my nod as the most fitting for score! If you have seem the movie, Alice & Claire finally found the glimpses of survivors in big fortified factory like building that surrounds by millions zombies under a very desperate circumstances! However, with constantly rescue radio message that came from Arcadia which they believe was from a ship just off the coast of downtown Los Angeles, they look through the binocular and verify that indeed that there is still hope out there! Well, the "Binoculars" track play in the background really tells more about their feeling, hope, desperation and situation! This track was the reason that I thought was worthy of my recommendation! ;)
Resident Evil 4 Afterlife Best Soundtrack-Arcadia, Binoculars, LA & Tokyo

Remember the 1st Resident Evil's intro theme song and IMHO the best installment of its franchise, well, I really like how this track has captured my attention just as well for the movie! And I am already looking forward for the Resident Evil 5 which I believe will be code name "Biohazard" has confirmed by Milla Jovovich and her husband or director of RE! So looking forward for horrified adventures out from next installment! :)

Update: 9/26/2011 the 5th installment of Resident Evil will be "Resident Evil: Retribution"

PS: I also included the intro part of Resident Evil 1 which was made by Marilyn Manson at the very bottom of the post!

Resident Evil - Songs | Tomandandy - Binoculars

Resident Evil - Songs | Tomandandy - Arcadia

Resident Evil - Songs | Tomandandy - Los Angeles

Resident Evil - Intro Song | Tomandandy - Tokyo

Resident Evil - Songs | Tomandandy - Promise

Marilyn Manson - Resident Evil Main Title Theme

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